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Logic Types Overview page gives a glimpse of the types of logic available to users while creating a survey on Survey2Connect’s platform. Logic is used to create a survey that is more functional and interactive with the respondents depending on their answer choices. You can select multiple logic in a survey and each logic behaves in a pre-defined function. The logic choices available on Survey2Connect are 


Logic Type Use
Skip Logic Used when you want the survey to skip a page or a question depending upon the answer of the respondent
Delayed Branching Used when you want the respondents to be led to different questions depending upon the different answer choices
Display Logic Used when you want to show a particular question to respondents when criteria for the previous question is met
Ticket Generation Used when you want to generate a ticket if the respondents give a bad response
Embedded Data Logic Used when you want to calculate certain scores using the respondents’ information
Priority Logic Used when you want to prioritize certain answer choices from the list of answer choices
AutoSave Logic Used when you want some answer choice already selected for the respondents
Carry Forward Choices Used when you want to carry selected choices from a previous question on to the next question
Randomization Used when you want to randomize the answer choices to remove the selection bias


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