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Detail section under Individual Response allows to analyze and update the individual response. You can mark it as Approved and Rejected and you can apply download setting that allows you to add a theme to the downloaded file or add a watermark. 


The steps to accessing the Detail sections are as follows — Click on the Details under the Actions tab in the Individual Response Tab. Once in the detail section, you can access different features. 

Details of a response lets you view and manage all the details, including survey response, of an indvidual respondent

Add Logo

Using this option, you can add a logo to your survey response which will be reflected in the download file. 


Mark Response as

This option lets you mark the it as either Approved or Rejected. 



This option lets you manually edit the response for the respondent. You can retake the survey and answer each question as per your preference. 



Delete option lets you delete the individual survey response. 


Download Setting

Download Setting allows you to add some features to the downloaded file. The options available are:

  • Add Watermark: You can add the watermark to each page of the individual survey response in the downloaded file. Select the option and click on the Select File to upload the image you want to add as a watermark. You can also change the angle of the watermark. 
  • Set Theme: You can apply a theme to the survey response by clicking on the feature. Select the colour scheme to customize the theme. 
  • Show Question Progress: This option allows you to add a question progress status to the downloaded file. 



Download option allows you to download the individual survey response. 


Download Files

This option allows you to download the attachments in the survey responses. This option is useful if the survey had File Upload question type. 


Respondent Details

This section contains the details of the respondents including Collector type, IP Address, Device, Time Spent and Ticket details if any. 


Each page in the survey can be seen individually in the details section. You can also manually update the response for questions on each page. Click on the Edit button on the right side to manually update it for the individual question. 



If your survey is multilingual, you can switch between different languages by clicking on the language drop-down on the top right corner. 


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